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Keep your air clean during the cold season!

Keep your air clean during the cold season!

We have a love-hate relationship with winter.

Winter means cooler temperatures. It means the holidays. It means the opportunity to make changes for a new year. Gifts, good food, friendship and good will.

It also means pollen. Dead and drying leaves and grasses. Mites, allergens. Dust, dirt and smoke.

For many people it also means cedar fever, though it is not really a fever and it is not really cedar, but ashe juniper.


Who cares what the name of the &^%$# tree is? For tens of millions of people it means itchy eyes, headaches, and constant sneezing. Relentless.

And here’s something you need to remember – this doesn’t just happen because you spend time outside breathing in the pollen. Nope – it always happens because in the winter we spend more time inside our homes because it’s cold and miserable outside.

We stay inside, where we think we don’t have to change our air-conditioning filters because we’re not running the air conditioning. Memo – they are actually just air filters, and they process cold and hot air – when you are running the heater, all those pollens (including that stinking cedar) must be passed through your air filters.

If the filters are dirty, you are breathing pollen-ridden and dirty air. Period. End. Of. Story.

You need to keep your air filters clean by replacing them every month, and maybe even more often during periods of high pollen. You know, like NOW!

Yeah, we’re trying to sell air filters – that’s our business – but we live by our own advice because we also reside in San Antonio where the cedar pollen count is, as they say, “off the charts.”

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