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Who is Merv and why does he care about my air filters?

Who is Merv and why does he care about my air filters?


Who is Merv and why does he care about my air filters?

Good question.

Merv is not the name of a talk show host (if that goes over your head, you'll just have to Googlize it). Hint: think Griffin.

Actually, MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, which is a rating system established by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

Say that five times fast.

I know – “that, that, that, that, that.” Sorry I said anything.

MERV is designed to let you, the consumer, know the purpose for which the filter is intended.

This is a chart I “borrowed” from Wikipedia. Hey, I donate money to support them.


Minimum particle size

Typical controlled
contaminant or air element

Typical Application


> 10.0 μm

Pollen, dust mites, cockroach debris,
sanding dust, spray paint dust, textile fibers, carpet fibers

Residential window AC units


10.0–3.0 μm

Mold spores, dust mite debris, cat and dog dander, hair spray, fabric protector, dusting aids, pudding mix

Better residential, general commercial, industrial workspaces


3.0–1.0 μm

Legionella, humidifier dust, lead dust,
milled flour, auto emission particulates, nebulizer droplets

Superior residential, better commercial, hospital laboratories


1.0–0.3 μm

Bacteria, droplet nuclei (sneeze), cooking oil, most smoke and insecticide dust, most face powder, most paint pigments

Hospital & general surgery


< 0.3 μm

Virus, carbon dust, sea salt, smoke

Electronics & pharmaceutical manufacturing clean rooms

At Filters4Air we give you a choice – MERV-10, or what we call High Performance Allergy, and MERV-13, or what we call High Performance Allergy Plus.

If you start sneezing due to pollen, grasses, smoke or whatever – you need a new high-quality filter.

Hey – we sell high-quality filters. Who knew?

Anyway, we deliver right to your door. We also install, if you need help. Win-win.

Just go to our website and get your order in because winter is coming and that means your heater is on all the time, and that places as much strain or your air filters as air conditioning.

I mean, they are called “air filters” not “air conditioning filters.”

Just saying.

Aaargh, I hate that expression.

Hope you check us out at and thanks for the ear !!!