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Does your home have clean air?

Does your home have clean air?


We all want to breath clean air.

In many parts of the world, this is not so easily accomplished.

Fortunately, America has some of the best air around, but here are still challenges, and those challenges can be unique to different parts of the country.

In some places, it is dust from harvested fields or arid areas. Or, it might be pollen from cedar, oak and other trees and from a multitude of grasses. It might be spores and mold particles from excessive rain. Oh, and then there’s smoke, car exhaust, pet dander, particles from construction sites, etc.

Truth be told, your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you go to escape from the maddening pace of everyday life and feel safe. It’s where you go and expect to breath clean, fresh, air.

Well, truly clean air in the home can use a little help.

Keep your air filters clean by replacing them in a timely manner.

Of course we’re going to say that – we want to sell you air filters – but that doesn’t mean that what we are saying is not true. It’s just good advice.

In an area with no outside air challenges, you can probably replace your filters every three months or more without an issue. In situations where you face some of the things we talked about above, the general rule is to replace your filter every 30 days.

Now, these does not mean to blindly follow this advice. Hey, pull that filter out and take a look. Trust me, you’ll know if it is clean and fresh or not. If not, replace it.

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You can’t get a better deal unless you break into our manufacturing facility and steal filters.

Please don’t do that.

Here’s to clean air!!!