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Spring Forward But Don’t Fall Back (Into Bad Filter Habits)

Spring Forward But Don’t Fall Back (Into Bad Filter Habits)

 In our last entry it was almost winter and I tried to spell out the reasons why you should continue to change your air filters.

As in, “Hey, you have air running through your HVAC system all the time. Cold air, hot air, lukewarm air doesn’t matter – that air is still full of dirt, pollen dust, dander and, well, you get the picture.”

Now it’s almost spring, or what the over-educated call the vernal equinox. Whatever. Folks might be thinking, “Hey, I don’t have to worry about my air filters until summer when I really start running my air conditioning.”

Look, don’t make me draw a picture. I mean, really, don’t – I can’t draw worth a Hoover (that’s a dam, BTW).

You should not be waiting until summer to start regular (i.e., monthly) changes of your air filters. If you think that way, all I can say is “Au contraire mon frere.” That’s French – I looked it up. Basically means, “My friend, you are full of hooey.”

Okay, fine, you’re not full of hooey or anything, but the simple truth is your home’s air filters take a beating in the winter.

And the spring.

I put it in bold which is better than screaming ALL CAPS...

Spring is weird in many places. Sometimes hot enough to run HVAC with cold air and sometimes cold enough you need the heat.

Sometimes the outside temperature is perfect and your HVAC system just suits there quietly doing nothing – which allows the dust and dirt already in your air filters to settle and congeal and make a more permanent sticky home.


Oh, and spring air is worse than winter air.

Think pollen (cedar, oak, elm and on and on), mold, dry grasses, dead and dried leaf dust blowing around in the spring winds, plus all the new green growing things putting new green growing things in the air around your home or office and that get sucked into your HVAC system and (if not properly filtered) end up in your lungs.


The same reason you start wheezing and sneezing in spring is the same reason you should be changing your air filters every 30 days.

You can’t put a price tag on health.

That is so cheesy, I apologize, but just trying to make a point that clean air is good.

Spring is here and summer is still faraway. Great – but you still need to be buying and changing your air filters, damn it.

Sorry. Keep it clean, okay?