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Do I need to change filters in the winter?

Do I need to change filters in the winter?


It’s winter and if someone mentions air filters in a polite conversation most of us would be thinking, “Hey, it’s winter and I don’t have to worry about replacing my air-conditioning filters until summer.”

The truth is your home’s air filters take a beating in the winter. Some times worse than summer.

That’s because running your heater is running just like your air-conditioner in summer – and your air filter is working hard to keep the air you breath clean.

And winter air is NOT clean.

Think pollen, cedar, mold, dry grasses, dead and dried leaf dust plus the dust and dirt from the cold winter dirt. Kind of like that line from the movie Groundhog Day – “It's gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey, and it's gonna last you for the rest of your life.”

Truthfully, it’ll only last until you change that filthy air filter!

Don’t trust me? I have a science experiment for you.

You know what our weather is like around here. 45 degrees one day, and you’re running the heater. Then 77 degrees, and you’re running the air-conditioning. Do this first — make sure you have a clean and new filter on hand. Then, after a month of running your system, pull that nasty filter out and compare the two.

Imagine you and your family are breathing the air coming out of that dirty filter. Yeah, not healthy. {insert harsh cough}

So, winter is here. Big deal – you still need to be buying air filters!