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The nose knows

The nose knows

Air filters can do more than keep the air inside fresh. Besides eliminating (or significantly reducing) airborne allergens like mold, dust, and pet dander, good-quality carbon/charcoal filters can actually remove odors from the air. 

If you've flooded and are rebuilding, or if you're just overwhelmed by odors - think dirty laundry, cooking "aromas," pet odors, mildewy stink - charcoal really makes a difference. Its porous surface absorbs all of those smells. Instead of covering odors up with sprays and other scents, charcoal actually gets rid of them.

Recently we shipped several boxes of charcoal filters to a very good restaurant in Houston that happens to live right under some very lovely apartments. Needless to say, while residents liked the idea of going downstairs for a great steak, they didn't want their home to smell like day-old dinner come morning. Charcoal to the rescue. 

Charcoal filters work the same way as standard air filters, only they're black. Pop them in where you'd normally replace your filters when you're ready to clear the air of smelliness.

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