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Breathe easy

Breathe easy

Today's forecast for south and southeast Texas calls for two things: hot and humid. And because of those high, high temps and wet-feeling air, weather experts have dubbed our "Breathing Comfort" levels as Fair to Poor.

Take a look at the map. See the green all over the country, and the yellow at the bottom tip of Texas? Yes, that's us. Breathing in a lot of funk.

What exactly does that mean? Well, very basically, today (and the rest of our summer) feels like the opposite of a crisp fall day, when you feel energized and clear-headed. So, besides taking a good old-fashioned south Texas siesta, what can we do to combat that hazy summer heat fog and tap into our best go-get-em mindsets, even amidst (literally) stifling heat?

Of course we need to drink lots of water, include fruits and veggies in our diets (they're hydrating), and wear light-colored, loose clothes. We also need to stay inside, in the AC, a lot of the time. 

But with that, we need to be sure that the air inside our homes and offices IS crisp and clean. And in doing so, the right air filters, changed often, are everything. 

Now is the time to change your air filters at least monthly. So at least the air you breathe inside will be GOOD quality, so that at least at home, everyone's "Breathing Comfort" levels will be Excellent.

Let deliver "Excellent" quality air to your home. So that you and your family can breathe comfortably. Even when that's not the case outside.

Clean air delivered.