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Are we hot yet?

by the staff @ Filters4Air

Are we hot yet?

With temps pushing 100, there's no doubt summer has arrived.

So for the next few months, we all need to either fly north or hunker down and come up with some stay-cool strategies. Here, a little expert advice from on how to stay cool as a cucumber at home.

  • Keep east- and west-facing blinds, shutters, or other window treatments closed during the day. You'll reduce up to 30% of the heat that windows let in (and then trap in your home). 
  • Stay away from the oven (moms, you can cheer now). Choose to grill dinners (or use the stove or microwave). Think of summer dinner as the new backyard happy hour!
  • Just like changing air filters is important, cleaning out the vent in your dryer is huge. Clean dryer vent = faster cycle = less heat at home.
  • Designers, close your ears...use celing fans to circulate air!
  • Think about scheduling a home energy audit and having a professional give you customized tips on where you can be more efficient at home. offers details here:

And, of course, let keep changing your air filters every month to ensure that your AC runs as efficiently as possible. 

So that you can stay as cool as possible. Like a cucumber.