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Because summer.

Because summer.

Yea for summer finally arriving! We're so looking forward to longer days, slower schedules, and shorter to-do lists.

One thing we know we can't take off our list...changing air filters. Don't laugh. Here's the thing: we all want to stay cool during the heat of a Texas summer. Besides spending too much time in the pool or flying to Colorado, how do we do that? By going inside! Most often, by enjoying the cool of our homes. 

But if we ignore our air filters during the summer, we're in for a hotter time than we've bargained for. ESPECIALLY in the summer, it's more important than ever to change air filters. Here's why:

  • Changing air filters monthly during the summer can cut your electricity bills by 5 to 15%. That's real savings when the thermostat outside reaches the 90s - or 100s. On an air filter, even a thin layer of dust, pet hair, or other airborne debris obstructs the air flowing through your home, making it harder for your AC to pump in cool, clean air. Changing your filters often makes it easy for your AC to perform, saving electricity, and saving you money.
  • Along those same lines, keeping dirt out of your AC system will extend the life of your AC - and all of its componenets while they're working hard to keep your home cool this summer. The fan motor, compressor, evaporator - all of those big components that we really don't want to have to replace will run more easily because of clean, quality air filters changed regularly. Thereby extending the life of the AC as a whole.
  • Most importantly, we want the air in your home to be clean for you and your family. Filters4Air air filters remove the tiniest blips of pollen, mold spores, pet dander, even bugs - all of which are not only bad for your AC, but they're bad for you! Filters4Air filters will keep your home clean and the air crisp even during the hottest months this summer.

Let clean your air and shorten your to-do list by delivering air filters to your doorstep this summer. All you have to do is open the box. No remembering, no scouting the right sizes.

Easy, like summer.

Clean air delivered.