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If loving them is wrong, we don't want to be right!

If loving them is wrong, we don't want to be right!

At Filters4Air, we love our animals!

And depending on the study you read, somewhere between 30 and 60 percent of us have them at home. Most of those pets are dogs and cats. Which means…a whole lot of us are fighting pet hair and dander.

While we might think that cleaning surfaces – sweeping floors, dust-busting furniture – keeps our homes pretty dander-free, we need to go deeper. Pets bring lots of joy to our lives, but they also can bring poor air quality inside our homes.

Air filters can get clogged with pet hair in as little as a month. Take a look at the filter here – it’s a real live filter from the home of a very adorable, but very furry goldendoodle. Our customers love this puppy. But how can they live with the fur? And what’s going on with the air they’re breathing?

We told them to change their air filters more often, using really good quality filters, like the ones we make at Filters4Air. We suggested changing their filters once a month. If they had two pets, we would have wanted them changing filters even more often, like every three weeks.

We also explained that by allowing their filters to become so dirty, our customers were just about guaranteeing that their AC would konk out earlier than it should, due to overexertion. With filters that clogged, the AC has to work exponentially harder to air condition the house. Harder work requires more energy, equaling higher electricity bills.

Let us know at if we can help, by delivering quality air filters to your door every month.

Win the battle of the pet hair.