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It's pretty outside - why are my allergies so bad?

It's pretty outside - why are my allergies so bad?

Springtime in Texas, and of course we're doing things big. Big blue skies, big fields of bluebonnets...big allergies.

Why is it that just when it's prettiest outside, allergies threaten to sabatoge sunny skies?

Experts say that most allergies affecting our sinuses come from allergens that we inhale. Hello, pollen. 

Major offenders: pollen-producing plants and trees, mold, dust, and pet dander. When we inhale pollen and other allergens, if we are allergic, we produce histamine, which in turn causes swelling and inflammation (hence the term "anti-histamine" that we see describing allergy meds). This is what's happening when you get itchy, sneezy, congested, and maybe even dark circles under your eyes.

Luckily, these offenders are all allergens that can be cleaned up at home with the right tools. Some strategies: Dust often - remember to include moldings, doorways, celing fans, and shelf corners. And vacuum often. Don't forget to use the extender to swipe window treatments, furniture, and window sills.

One more very effective tool - the right air filters. Filters4Air filters are not only the highest quality filters you can buy, but we'll remember when you need to replace them. Let us take the work out of keeping the air in your home as pollen-free as possible. We'll all breathe easier.

Clean air, delivered.