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Diamondback has partnered with Filters4Air to deliver superior air filters to your doorstep, on a schedule you choose. Never worry about remembering to buy filters, and stop stressing about what sizes you need.
Changing air filters regularly – with high performance air filters – reaps huge benefits:
How often should I change my home’s air filters?
That depends. In warm, humid climates, you’ll want to change filters more often. Same goes if you’ve got pets, if anyone at home suffers from allergies, or if your home tends to seem dusty. In these cases, we recommend changing filters once a month. If none of these is a factor, you might try changing filters every other month. Clean filters save energy by helping your AC run efficiently, leading to lower electricity bills.
What size air filters should I order?
Take a look at the filters that are currently in place. They should have dimensions stamped on the filter frame. Or, just measure the filter with a measuring tape. Be sure to record the length, height, and width of each individual filter. Always round up to the nearest whole inch.
What if I don’t see my filter size on the Diamondback Air Filter Delivery Service list?
We are happy to offer custom sizes. Just call us at
210-228-2833 to let us know the dimensions you need.
What does HPA (High Performance Allergy) / MERV mean?
MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) is a rating that compares air filter strength. Residential MERV ratings run from a high of 13 to a low of 1. The higher the number, the better the filtration. We offer MERV 10 (High Performance Allergy), which is usually found in standard commercial buildings and better residences, and MERV 13 (High Performance Allergy-Plus), which is used in superior residential and superior commercial buildings.
What does it cost to ship filters to my home?
Shipping is free.
How will I be charged for my air filters?
Once you sign up, your credit card will be charged each time filters are shipped, according to the schedule you create.
Can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time by calling us at