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How often should I change my air filters?

How often should I change my air filters?

The BIG question — How often should I change my air filters?

This is one of the most frequent questions we get here at

I will give you a straight answer and a straight explanation.

You should change your air filters every 30 days. Period. End. Of. Story.

Here's why:

Let’s talk HVAC, which you probably already know is Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

A central HVAC unit does not pull air in from the outside – it uses the air inside your house and either cools it down in summer or heats it up in winter. If it cools it down, hot air is vented to the outside world; if it heats your house up, it vents cold air to the outside. If your house was absolutely spotless and clean, you’d never need an air filter for your central HVAC unit.

Trust me, not a single healthy human being lives in an absolutely spotless and clean house.

Dust, dirt, pollen, dead bugs, hair, miscellaneous odors (many from questionable sources), smoke, chemical particles, dandruff, skin particles and a whole nasty horde of things float around your home no matter whether it is cold or hot outside. Add in pet dander and debris if you have pets.

Plus (because we all venture outside every day) we drag all of the above into the house on our clothes, hair, shoes and skin.

Each. And. Every. Day.


Plus, think about this —pollen and allergy season is not really seasonal in many locations — it lasts all year round if you live in Texas.

Texas is a great place to live, but everything has a downside. Texans get to deal with airborne allergens. Hey, it can't always be strawberries and cream.

Texans must endure nasty cedar pollen in the winter, plus an occasional and pesky high mold count. There is oak pollen in the Spring as the worst offender, but it gets serious help from elm, pecan, cottonwood and other culprits (grass among the many villains). Plus, due to moisture and heat, Texans get to live with mildew and its old pal mold. (SIGH). Ragweed arrives in late summer and early fall, aided and abetted by every sort of grass (yeah, more grass), plus every flowering plant that wants to survive by making pollen (BTW, that's almost all of them). Add in the harsh fact that Texans run the air-conditioning 24/7 in the late Spring thru Summer and into early fall. Why? Because it is blankety-blank hot in Texas! However, as all Texans can attest, it can also get surprisingly cold in the fall and winter, so you run the heat. Basically, the central heating (HVAC) system rarely gets a day off duty. Keep in mind that the dirty air inside your home that is processed by your cooling in the summer is also dirty air processed by your heating in the winter.

Solution – change your filter frequently and stop breathing that nasty, filthy, dirty air.

Nuff said.

The nose knows

The nose knows

Air filters can do more than keep the air inside fresh. Besides eliminating (or significantly reducing) airborne allergens like mold, dust, and pet dander, good-quality carbon/charcoal filters can actually remove odors from the air. 

If you've flooded and are rebuilding, or if you're just overwhelmed by odors - think dirty laundry, cooking "aromas," pet odors, mildewy stink - charcoal really makes a difference. Its porous surface absorbs all of those smells. Instead of covering odors up with sprays and other scents, charcoal actually gets rid of them.

Recently we shipped several boxes of charcoal filters to a very good restaurant in Houston that happens to live right under some very lovely apartments. Needless to say, while residents liked the idea of going downstairs for a great steak, they didn't want their home to smell like day-old dinner come morning. Charcoal to the rescue. 

Charcoal filters work the same way as standard air filters, only they're black. Pop them in where you'd normally replace your filters when you're ready to clear the air of smelliness.

Ready to really clear the air? Call us at 844-753-2833 to place your custom order.

Breathe easy

Breathe easy

Today's forecast for south and southeast Texas calls for two things: hot and humid. And because of those high, high temps and wet-feeling air, weather experts have dubbed our "Breathing Comfort" levels as Fair to Poor.

Take a look at the map. See the green all over the country, and the yellow at the bottom tip of Texas? Yes, that's us. Breathing in a lot of funk.

What exactly does that mean? Well, very basically, today (and the rest of our summer) feels like the opposite of a crisp fall day, when you feel energized and clear-headed. So, besides taking a good old-fashioned south Texas siesta, what can we do to combat that hazy summer heat fog and tap into our best go-get-em mindsets, even amidst (literally) stifling heat?

Of course we need to drink lots of water, include fruits and veggies in our diets (they're hydrating), and wear light-colored, loose clothes. We also need to stay inside, in the AC, a lot of the time. 

But with that, we need to be sure that the air inside our homes and offices IS crisp and clean. And in doing so, the right air filters, changed often, are everything. 

Now is the time to change your air filters at least monthly. So at least the air you breathe inside will be GOOD quality, so that at least at home, everyone's "Breathing Comfort" levels will be Excellent.

Let deliver "Excellent" quality air to your home. So that you and your family can breathe comfortably. Even when that's not the case outside.

Clean air delivered.


Are we hot yet?

by the staff @ Filters4Air

Are we hot yet?

With temps pushing 100, there's no doubt summer has arrived.

So for the next few months, we all need to either fly north or hunker down and come up with some stay-cool strategies. Here, a little expert advice from on how to stay cool as a cucumber at home.

  • Keep east- and west-facing blinds, shutters, or other window treatments closed during the day. You'll reduce up to 30% of the heat that windows let in (and then trap in your home). 
  • Stay away from the oven (moms, you can cheer now). Choose to grill dinners (or use the stove or microwave). Think of summer dinner as the new backyard happy hour!
  • Just like changing air filters is important, cleaning out the vent in your dryer is huge. Clean dryer vent = faster cycle = less heat at home.
  • Designers, close your ears...use celing fans to circulate air!
  • Think about scheduling a home energy audit and having a professional give you customized tips on where you can be more efficient at home. offers details here:

And, of course, let keep changing your air filters every month to ensure that your AC runs as efficiently as possible. 

So that you can stay as cool as possible. Like a cucumber.

Because summer.

Because summer.

Yea for summer finally arriving! We're so looking forward to longer days, slower schedules, and shorter to-do lists.

One thing we know we can't take off our list...changing air filters. Don't laugh. Here's the thing: we all want to stay cool during the heat of a Texas summer. Besides spending too much time in the pool or flying to Colorado, how do we do that? By going inside! Most often, by enjoying the cool of our homes. 

But if we ignore our air filters during the summer, we're in for a hotter time than we've bargained for. ESPECIALLY in the summer, it's more important than ever to change air filters. Here's why:

  • Changing air filters monthly during the summer can cut your electricity bills by 5 to 15%. That's real savings when the thermostat outside reaches the 90s - or 100s. On an air filter, even a thin layer of dust, pet hair, or other airborne debris obstructs the air flowing through your home, making it harder for your AC to pump in cool, clean air. Changing your filters often makes it easy for your AC to perform, saving electricity, and saving you money.
  • Along those same lines, keeping dirt out of your AC system will extend the life of your AC - and all of its componenets while they're working hard to keep your home cool this summer. The fan motor, compressor, evaporator - all of those big components that we really don't want to have to replace will run more easily because of clean, quality air filters changed regularly. Thereby extending the life of the AC as a whole.
  • Most importantly, we want the air in your home to be clean for you and your family. Filters4Air air filters remove the tiniest blips of pollen, mold spores, pet dander, even bugs - all of which are not only bad for your AC, but they're bad for you! Filters4Air filters will keep your home clean and the air crisp even during the hottest months this summer.

Let clean your air and shorten your to-do list by delivering air filters to your doorstep this summer. All you have to do is open the box. No remembering, no scouting the right sizes.

Easy, like summer.

Clean air delivered.

Filter delivery = outer order = inner calm

Filter delivery = outer order = inner calm

In her blog, "My experiments in the pursuit of happiness and good habits," bestselling author on habits and happiness Gretchen Rubin says this:

"One of my great realizations about happiness (and a point oddly under-emphasized by positive psychologists) is that for most people, outer order contributes to inner calm ... In the context of a happy life, a crowded coat closet is trivial. And yet over and over, people tell me, and I certainly find this myself, that creating order gives a huge boost in energy, cheer, and creativity."

Of course there are lots of strategies toward creating order at home. Cleaning out the junk drawer. Clearing closets. Scanning into our computers the stacks of artwork that come home from school with kids. We could go on and on. 

How about never having to store (or scout) air filters again? Clearing that spot in the storage closet where you'd normally keep the spare filters that you've got, because you might as well pick up a few extras to save a trip. That's where can help. Just tell us what filters you need, and when you need them. Our air filter delivery service does the rest. And you'll never have to think about: 1) picking more air filters up; or 2) storing extras so you don't have to remember to pick them up next time.

Not only will we save you a trip and help clear some clutter, but you'll be using the BEST quality air filters available anywhere. For the cleanest air possible at home. Which will make everyone happier and healthier.

Let bring outer order and inner calm to your world.

Because who doesn't need a little more peace and a lot more cheer?

Clean air, delivered.

If loving them is wrong, we don't want to be right!

If loving them is wrong, we don't want to be right!

At Filters4Air, we love our animals!

And depending on the study you read, somewhere between 30 and 60 percent of us have them at home. Most of those pets are dogs and cats. Which means…a whole lot of us are fighting pet hair and dander.

While we might think that cleaning surfaces – sweeping floors, dust-busting furniture – keeps our homes pretty dander-free, we need to go deeper. Pets bring lots of joy to our lives, but they also can bring poor air quality inside our homes.

Air filters can get clogged with pet hair in as little as a month. Take a look at the filter here – it’s a real live filter from the home of a very adorable, but very furry goldendoodle. Our customers love this puppy. But how can they live with the fur? And what’s going on with the air they’re breathing?

We told them to change their air filters more often, using really good quality filters, like the ones we make at Filters4Air. We suggested changing their filters once a month. If they had two pets, we would have wanted them changing filters even more often, like every three weeks.

We also explained that by allowing their filters to become so dirty, our customers were just about guaranteeing that their AC would konk out earlier than it should, due to overexertion. With filters that clogged, the AC has to work exponentially harder to air condition the house. Harder work requires more energy, equaling higher electricity bills.

Let us know at if we can help, by delivering quality air filters to your door every month.

Win the battle of the pet hair.

It's pretty outside - why are my allergies so bad?

It's pretty outside - why are my allergies so bad?

Springtime in Texas, and of course we're doing things big. Big blue skies, big fields of bluebonnets...big allergies.

Why is it that just when it's prettiest outside, allergies threaten to sabatoge sunny skies?

Experts say that most allergies affecting our sinuses come from allergens that we inhale. Hello, pollen. 

Major offenders: pollen-producing plants and trees, mold, dust, and pet dander. When we inhale pollen and other allergens, if we are allergic, we produce histamine, which in turn causes swelling and inflammation (hence the term "anti-histamine" that we see describing allergy meds). This is what's happening when you get itchy, sneezy, congested, and maybe even dark circles under your eyes.

Luckily, these offenders are all allergens that can be cleaned up at home with the right tools. Some strategies: Dust often - remember to include moldings, doorways, celing fans, and shelf corners. And vacuum often. Don't forget to use the extender to swipe window treatments, furniture, and window sills.

One more very effective tool - the right air filters. Filters4Air filters are not only the highest quality filters you can buy, but we'll remember when you need to replace them. Let us take the work out of keeping the air in your home as pollen-free as possible. We'll all breathe easier.

Clean air, delivered.


Dust - Is it more than just a bother?

Dust - Is it more than just a bother?

Dust. According to a study by the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University, it might be more toxic than we realize. In addition to lint, pollen, dander, and dead skin cells (!), the study found 45 potentially toxic chemicals present in dust. 

Meaning... dust can do more than just make you and your family sneeze.

According to the study, a full 90 percent of dust samples taken from homes in 14 states contain toxic chemicals, including one that’s known to cause cancer. Authors of the study said they found the results "scary."

Lead study author Ami Zota, an assistant professor of environmental and occupational health, reported to George Washington's GW Today, “The findings suggest that people, and especially children, are exposed on a daily basis to multiple chemicals in dust that are linked to serious health problems."

Co-author Veena Singla, staff scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, added, “The number and levels of toxic and untested chemicals that are likely in every one of our living rooms was shocking to me. Harmful chemicals used in everyday products and building materials result in widespread contamination of our homes."

Filters4Air air filters can help you keep dust at bay in your home. We promise our filters are the best quality air filters you can buy. And we'll deliver them straight to your doorstep. On your schedule.

Let us help you keep your home clean - and safe. Order filters at for clean air, delivered.

And say adios to dust!


Ready to breathe clean air?

by the staff @ Filters4Air

Ready to breathe clean air?

The first step to breathing clean air at home is the easiest: change your air filters regularly, using high-quality filters.

What does "high-quality" mean? That's what air professionals call "MERV 13" or "MERV 10" grade filters. By "MERV," we mean "minimum efficiency reporting value." In plain English, that means... The higher the MERV number, the better the air filtration. The better the air filtration, the less dust, pet dander, and other allergens you'll find in the air.

Which all comes back to one and your family will breathe easier.

Let Filters4Air help. 

Clean air, delivered.

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